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25. How to Overcome Spender’s Guilt

Do you ever feel guilty about spending money? Are you worried about how inflation is going to impact your financial plan?

In this episode, Keith Beggs talks about inflation, and how last year’s hyper-inflation has led to paranoia surrounding people’s money. Keith also talks about spending guilt, and what you can do to overcome it. 

Keith discusses: 

  • Inflation and ways to protect your money 
  • How an advisor can help clients who are afraid to spend or spending too much
  • How listeners can reach Keith for more financial advice 
  • And more

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21. How Well Do You Understand Your Medicare Coverage? With Sean Rose

Anyone who has ever looked into, or is currently receiving Medicare knows it can be very confusing to understand your coverage and what you’re entitled to. But understanding this and how to get those benefits can be the difference for what your retirement years will look like. 

In this episode, Keith Beggs talks with Sean Rose, unit supervisor at Bankers Life, about some of the big issues that individuals have faced with their Medicare in 2021 and what you can do to stay ahead of Medicare changes, and on top of your retirement planning. 

Sean discusses: 

  • The difference in part A and part B of Medicare and what each plan covers 
  • Changes to custodial care in Medicare 
  • How Social Security works with Medicare part B
  • Why going to different pharmacies might end up costing you more money with your drug plans 
  • What IRMAA is and what it has to do with your Medicare 
  • And more


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