Getting the Most Out of Employee Benefits Packages with Adam Fineberg. Part 2 of 5. (Ep.29)

If you own your own business and have employees, you know the costs of employee benefits, especially healthcare, has been rising.

In this episode, Keith Beggs speaks with Adam Fineberg, senior vice president at USI Insurance Services about how to keep benefits costs low, unconventional ideas to offer better packages to your employees and ways to grow your business and focus on what matters. 

Keith and Adam discuss: 

  • The importance of healthcare in the employee benefit package 
  • Why healthcare costs are so expensive and appear to only getting higher 
  • How USI uses their market leverage and underwriting to lower the price for an employer
  • Five tips for an employer to keep their benefits costs down
  • And more!


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About our Guest: Adam Fineberg is a Senior Vice President located in the USI Southwest, Inc.(USI) Houston, Texas office. He has served the benefits industry for the past 15 years. Adam serves as a lead consultant and provides strategic planning and guidance. He also coordinates the deployment of local and regional analytical and compliance resources, among others. He has been with USI since 2010.

He offers detailed knowledge of carrier underwriting, provider contracting, and all major carriers to benefit USI clients. He is an established negotiator and uses his leverage and product design. Adam has extensive focus on long-term relationships with technical skills to ensure USI clients receive favorable terms and conditions.

Adam is a certified Pharmacy Benefit Specialist (CPBS), which is a University of Kentucky accredited program focused on Pharmacy Contract Negotiation. Adam also holds a B.A. in Business from University of Houston-Downtown.